The Butterfly Rooms Preschool & Nursery in Purfleet, Essex


Apprentice Early Years Practioner 


We are constantly reviewing our policies in line with DFE and Public Health England guidelines.
We have a robust policy in place to ensure we are fulfilling our duty of care to everyone within the setting environment.

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Ofsted Assurance inspections

The purpose of these inspections is to:

  • find out what it is like for children in their early years setting
  • seek assurance that providers continue to meet requirements to remain on the Early Years Register and, if applicable, the Childcare Register

These inspections will result in a report that will give parents information and reassurance about what is happening in their child’s setting. This is particularly important at a time when, due to the protective measures in place, parents are not entering settings as much as they usually do.

During these assurance inspections, providers must demonstrate how they:

  • meet the learning and development requirements, if appropriate
  • meet the safeguarding and welfare requirements
  • develop and deliver the educational programmes, if appropriate
  • identify children’s starting points and ensure that children make progress in their learning and development, through effective planning, observation and assessment, if appropriate
  • safeguard children
  • work in partnership with parents, carers and others
  • offer an inclusive service
  • evaluate their service and strive for continuous improvement

Inspectors will find out how providers have addressed any actions and/or recommendations from the last inspection.

The assurance inspection will not result in a judgement of quality. But it will consider whether the setting continues to meet EYFS requirements. The inspection will therefore result in 1 of 3 possible outcomes:

  • met
  • not met with actions
  • not met with enforcement

 Our Outcome: MET


Our Mission, Vision & Aims


“Facilitating uniqueness in our service users; allowing them to thrive, one step at a time…..”




We aim to evoke trust in providing a secure and stimulating environment. Together, we strive to uphold setting values by provide opportunities that will promote and encourage the development of all.




To encourage empathy, awareness and respect of others’ opinions and beliefs. To value personal, social and moral development, taught within a broad and balanced curriculum, which respects difference and diversity.




To provide a caring environment for children to gain confidence and develop independence. To demonstrate a caring, respectful attitude towards each other, within the pre-school and the community.



What we do

The Aim of the Pre-School & Nursery is to enhance the development and education of children, primarily under statutory school age, by encouraging parents/carers to understand and provide for the needs of their children through community groups and by:-


  • Offering appropriate play facilities and training courses, together with the rights of parents to take responsibility for and to become involved in the activities of the group, ensuring that The Butterfly Rooms offer opportunities for ALL children, regardless of race, culture, religion or means.
  • Encouraging the study of the needs of The Butterfly Rooms children and their families and promoting public interest in and recognition of the needs within the community.


  • Instigating and adhering to and furthering the aim of the Pre-School Learning Alliance , EYFS and Ofsted framework.

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