About us


About us

About The Butterfly Rooms (Incorporating Woodlands) Ltd


At ‘The Butterfly Rooms (Incorporating Woodlands) Ltd we have three rooms offering a range of ages and facilities for all the children that attend.

Alice’s Attic (Term Time – Sessional Room) : –

We are open for 38 weeks of the year and take children from 2½ years of age to 4 years 11 months.

Nursery and Pre-School Room: –

We are open for 52 weeks of the year and take children from 3 months to 4 years 11 months.

Little Caterpillars Room:-

We are open for 52 weeks of the year and take children from 2 years to 4 years 11 months.

The safety of all the children is paramount. In total we have 28 staff, all of which are dedicated and committed to ensure that this is adhered to.

We also offer a Half-Term Holiday Club for those children that attend the setting for 38 weeks of the year. Prices upon request.

We promote healthy eating and we offer a variety of food for the children, catering for all their dietary needs.

As well as caring for mainstream children to a very high standard we also specialise in care for children with a Special Educational Need of ASD, Social and Communication Delay and Downs Syndrome.

We offer early intervention for children with a diagnosis or awaiting diagnosis for a range of needs, including physical.

Parents are fully included in their child’s learning journey and supported throughout the EHCP process.

We make sure that children are fully supported on entry to the setting and offer 1:1 support where necessary, we also offer small group support including Language Focussed Play Sessions.

We offer Child Centre planning in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines which is tailored to meet their individual needs. Parents are invited to take an active part in setting the learning goals for their child.

Within the setting, children have access to a Sensory Room. Children who are non-mobile have a secure area where they can enjoy all the daily activities on offer.

All children have access to the garden area with a section specifically designed for children under the age of two.

Children also have access to the Sensory Garden which is specifically designed for children with additional needs.


Therapeutic Learning

Our setting prides itself in looking, not only after educational needs of the children but a holistic approach to their needs which means their emotional wellbeing is also at the forefront of our service.

Educating children early on their emotions is the key to their success with strong evidence that mental and emotional wellbeing underpins successful learning and enables children and young people to realise their potential and enhance learning.

We also are aware that sometimes families require extra support. Parenting, although very rewarding, is not always easy .

Educating ourselves and gaining required support allows us to become better equipped to help our children.

Sometimes it is us, as parents, that need support to help us through the issues life throw at us.

We have a team of therapeutic workers available.

Please ask for details.